Information About Our Products


Our Commitment to Quality Stainless Steel products with the Durability of a Kitchen Sink

Timevalve has produced superior stainless steel exhaust systems for Mercedes-Benz and other European classic autos since we opened in 1977.  We manufacture Mercedes and V12 Ferrari stainless steel aftermarket exhaust systems and O.E.M. type catalytic converters, using high quality type 304 stainless steel sheet and tube exclusively.  This non-magnetic alloy is commonly referred to as the '18-8' stainless steel, meaning it is 18% chromium and 8% nickel.  Domestically, 18-8 is used in stainless steel kitchen sinks.  We invite you to put a magnet on your new Timevalve stainless steel exhaust system to verify that you are getting the very best grade of stainless steel.  Timevalve parts are near exact duplicates of O.E.M. parts in size and interior design.  This assures original equipment performance.


Timevalve has exhaust systems for all vintage Mercedes-Benz models and many for V12 Ferraris and other European classic cars. We also carry catalytic converters for Mercedes-Benz and some other classic automobiles on request.

Our model coverage for Mercedes-Benz, U.S.A. or European versions, remains unequaled. Timevalve produces many Mercedes-Benz exhaust parts that Mercedes dealers in America can no longer get from Mercedes-Benz in Germany. Timevalve also fabricates on request, stainless steel exhaust systems for many pre war Mercedes-Benz and other classic car brands on a custom basis.


In regards to the installation of our products...

Years of experience has shown two facts.

  • First, because the aftermarket Mercedes-Benz parts we sell are assembled in fixtures built around O.E.M. parts, they fit perfectly.

  • Second, your mechanic or skilled local muffler shop repairman can install a Mercedes-Benz system if he can install a Ford or Chevrolet system.
Prearrange his labor cost per hour and expect your exhaust system to be installed in around two hours.

Vintage V12 Ferraris are each unique...built by hand in Italy. We suggest that you order your exhaust system with the hangers detached to insure the best possible fit-up. Also, be sure to employ skilled Ferrari mechanics who will be able to weld the hangers in the correct location for your particular car.

Our Stainless Guarantee does not tarnish with age..

Our guarantee is inflexible - every stainless steel part in every stainless steel exhaust system we manufacture is guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

Specifically excluded from this guarantee are the catalytic converter "bodies" which we buy from outside sources. These have an industry standard 25,000 mile warranty on their ceramic cores. Also excluded are the rubber and metal detachable hangers that we purchase from Mercedes-Benz. These hanger parts fasten the exhaust system to the chassis and are designed to be replaced once every seven or eight years. We recommend that you inspect them for wear during each oil change.

How to Contact Us, Ordering and Shipping information...

When contacting us please provide us with the following information about your vehicle.

  • model year
  • model number
  • chassis number
We accept the following credit cards.
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
We ship daily via U.P.S. We can also prearrange a C.O.D. shipment with you.

To contact us for additional information.

  • It's a toll free call in the U.S.  at 1-800-243-1170.
  • International customers may call us at 1-321-254-7200.
  • You may also fax us at 1-321-254-7700...
  • Or you may reach us via e-mail.